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5 Things Your Newlywed Friends Should Have

5 Things Your Newlywed Friends Should Have

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be difficult. There’s much to consider and with the numerous options available, selecting can be a proven challenge.

When buying gifts for the newlyweds, keep in mind that the couple is about to start fresh. With this in mind, kitchenware seems to be the best option. Kitchen items are a necessity and remain among the most popular wedding gifts.

Small Appliances

Newlyweds will need new appliances for their kitchen. When picking out appliances, consider what the couple likes. If both husband and wife are coffee lovers, a gourmet coffee maker is an ideal gift.

For couples who enjoy throwing parties, fondue pots, chocolate fountains and martini shakers would help them host a delicious festival in their home. Kitchen basics such as toasters, microwaves or blenders are also good options.



What’s a new home without the pans and pots? Cookware sets can set up the new couple’s kitchen nicely. It’s important to provide the newlyweds with the basics first. When purchasing a cookware set, look for one that offers a large variety and it should include the basics: frying pans, sauce, and stock pots.


Looking for a gift with an elegant touch? Dinnerware is the perfect solution. A home is not complete without plates. Consider the couple’s new home if you want to give them a set that compliments their dining room.

If you haven’t seen their new home, you could give them a neutral-colored set.


For personalized gifts, kitchen accessories are your best option. You can opt to give them matching aprons with their names sewn on the front, a hamper basket filled with the basic picnic necessities, or colored dish towels.

At Omega Houseware, we’ve got an entire range of kitchen appliances perfect for any newlywed. Please choose from our selection and see which one is the perfect gift for your friends.

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